I'm lucky.
I was given up for adoption and landed in a most loving home. I've never broken a bone even with all of my not so graceful endeavors. Even though I'm an only child, my cousin, Heather, is like a sister to me. I won $400 in Vegas on my first 75 cents.

I'm outgoing. I strive to make people laugh; at least smile. I'm compassionate and loyal. I like dogs better than cats. I like programming and web design but telecom pays the bills. I love to read. Am adventurous and clever. I enjoy putting stuff together and may eventually read the manual. I like to fish, love to bowl and still play softball. Volleyball rules the summer, broomball the winter. I'm a daring cook. Especially enjoy entertaining during football season. Saturday mornings are for snuggling. Sundays belong to the NFL. I've won more than my fair share of fantasy football leagues. NHL, MLB and NCAA b-ball round out the sports passions.

I'm optimistic and perhaps intuitive to a fault. I might have only child syndrome. I put things back in their proper place at the store. I don't litter. I scare easily at movies. Weddings make me cry.
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